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Vince Gill says it's hard to underestimate the influence the Everly Brothers have had on his career. 

The country star tells "The Los Angeles Times" that with every guest collaboration he's been a part of over the past 40 years, he was "trying to be an Everly."  He explains that he "was trying to make it as seamless as Phil did when he sang with Don." 

Vince says Phil and Don Everly had "an unfair advantage" in creating such a compatible sound, since they were brothers, but that never stopped him from "chasing that beautiful, beautiful blend." 

Gill's efforts included a duet with Phil himself. says one of Phil's last recordings was a guest appearance on Vince's 2006 album These Days.  They teamed up for the Everly Brothers-sounding track "Sweet Little Corrina." 

Vince Gill & Phil Everly ( Brothers ) ~ Sweet... by KUCERA

A number of country stars have covered Everly Brothers hits.  Willie Nelson has recorded "Let It Be Me," Connie Smith has her own rendition of "'Till I Kissed You," and Reba McEntire's version of "Cathy's Clown" topped the charts in 1989.  The Everly Brothers were inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2001. 

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