The state of Nebraska has taken action against four employees at the Department of Corrections for their part miscalculating inmate sentences.  General Council George Green and Associate Legal Council Sharon Lindgren chose to retire over being terminated from state government. Neither will receive a severance package but will receive their retirement benefits, vacation and a portion of their sick leave. 

Corrections Director Mike Kenney says, "My decision in both of these cases would have been termination."

Corrections Records Administrator Kyle Poppert will be suspended for two weeks without pay and Associate Legal Council Kathy Blum will be suspended for one day without pay. 

Governor Dave Heineman said, "These two individuals, both lawyers, ignored the February 2013 Nebraska Supreme Court ruling.  Their actions were inappropriate, inexcusable and irresponsible." 

All four are eligible to file a grievance and go through an appeals process. 


Governor Heineman says the entire personnel process is not yet complete.  The criminal investigation by the Nebraska State Patrol is underway.  That will determine if further action against Corrections Department employees will be taken.