A man was cited Wednesday by animal control officers after leaving his dogs inside a car with the windows closed.  

Humane Society officials say one of the dogs died after temperatures outside were above 90 degrees and 130 degrees inside the car.  

The 23-year-old owner was shopping for about 35 minutes and returned to find the 5-year-old pit bull dead inside the vehicle.  A boxer puppy that survived the ordeal was returned to the owner.  

An Omaha ordinance states that it is illegal to leave an animal in a vehicle for periods of time that may endanger the health or well-being of the animal.  The Nebraska Humane Society reminds pet owners animals can die quickly if left unattended in a hot vehicle.

The rule of thumb should be that if it’s too hot for you to sit in a vehicle, it’s also too hot for your pet. If possible, park in a shaded area out of the sun and leave the windows slightly open for proper ventilation.