Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert has included a two percent property tax reduction in her to 2015 budget, which she presented to the City Council Tuesday afternoon.

The entire $348.3 million budget is a 2.3% increase from this year's budget. Stothert says her focus was to make city government more efficient and leaner.

Stothert called the property tax reduction “modest”, and that a $200,000 home would see an annual savings of $20.

Other highlights from the proposed budget included putting more police officers on the street. The plan would add 21 new officers to the streets in 2015 and bring the number of sworn officers to 825.

The city also put money aside to address any wage increases that may come up in labor contracts. By the end of the year, all labor contracts will have expired. The mayor says her team is currently in negotiations with all of them.

The restaurant tax is expected to bring in $29 million in 2015 – a 4.7% increase. The restaurant tax makes up 3% of the budget.

Stothert, who campaigned against the tax, says she hasn’t had enough time in office to figure out how make up for the huge revenue stream. The 2015 budget is the first full budget assembled by her team.