Omaha Public School's class of 2015 will receive their diplomas in Iowa. 

OPS was forced to look for a new venue after receiving word the Civic Auditorium would close.  The district looked at several options and settled on UNO's Sapp Fieldhouse.  The venue is smaller that the Civic and OPS had to limit tickets to four per graduate instead of six.  That decision was met with objections from families and the district responded to those concerns.

Graduation will be held at the Mid-America Center for one year - 2015.  The venue seats 7,000, similar to the Civic.  The ticketing policy will go back to six-per-family with additional tickets available for $3 each. 


For 2016 and beyond OPS plans to hold graduation at UNO's new arena at 67th and Center.  That building is under construction and is slated for completion in about a year.  That arena will have a similar number of seats as the Civic and the district plans to keep their six-ticket-per-family policy with additional tickets available to purchase.