A letter was sent to Millard parents on Friday discussing two stranger danger incidents on Thursday.

Bill Jelkin is Millard's Director of Student Services.  He says two students were approached by strangers while walking home from school Thursday.

The first student was approached by a woman in a red minivan in the Beadle Middle School neighborhood. The second student was approached by a man and a woman in a gold minivan in the Kiewit Middle School neighborhood.

In the letter,  Jelkin said "We are happy to report both students did the right thing, getting away from the vehicles and immediately telling their families. Both situations have been reported to police."

Jelkin says the incidents are a good reminder of how important it is for parents to discuss stranger danger with their children. 

  • Children should walk with a buddy. Parents can also ask older students to accompany kids on a walk.
  • Tell children to always refuse to go anywhere with people they don’t know.
  • Tell children that they are not expected to help adults with directions or lost puppies. If a car stops and the driver attempts to ask for help, children should run away.
  • In potentially dangerous situations, children should make lots of noise to alert neighbors, run to a safe place or find an adult they can trust.