Eat pizza and help Pilger at the same time!  How cool is that?

My buddy Jeff over at Ragazzi's got a bunch of his pizza buddies together to help.

Come eat pizza with us on MONDAY.

16 pizza restaurants are participating in Pizza for Pilger. All locations will be selling large cheese pizzas on Monday June 23rd for 12 dollars of which 100% of the sale will go to the Pilger community.

The Old Chicago locations will be selling a medium 'Chicago 7' pizza for nineteen dollars, again 100% of the sale goes directly to Pilger.  


Here is a complete list of all the participating restaurants:


·         Ragazzi’s- both locations


·         Old Chicago- all 5 Omaha locations


·         Pizza Pie Guys


·         Big Fred’s


·         Mangia Italiana


·         Topper’s


·         Sgt. Peffer’s- all three locations


·         Villagio’s


·         Dudley’s


·         Baxter’s