(Photo by Michael W. Stout)

Controversy is brewing after a woman was asked to leave a Brad Paisley concert in California with her infant on Thursday.

Authorities say the woman was ejected because the child could "be crushed from a potential surge from the crowd or could be impacted from loud noise coming from the speakers" and the child had nothing to protect her ears. The woman claims that she was thrown out because people around her were complaining about her breastfeeding.

The woman filmed the incident but the video has since been removed from YouTube. In the video, the mother tells officers that she feels she's being ejected because security had told her to stop breastfeeding and that she had taken the infant to another concert at the same venue before and had no problem.

The woman's friends have corroborated her story and she told a local TV news crew, "It's a country concert. I wasn't at a death metal or rap concert. I trust my motherly instinct that if my baby's ears hurt, she would cry and then I would move out."

The woman has now hired an attorney and is seeking a formal apology (and who knows what else). 

Here's the San Diego news report: