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MiLB Team Invites You to #SmellTheChange

MiLB Team Invites You to #SmellTheChange

If there is anything that the internet loves, it's cats and bacon. I mean they both are savory and delicious when cooked the right way, right? 

All kidding aside, you can't deny the love of bacon. YouTube channel EpicMealTime has based their notoriety on incorporating bacon as an ingredient in their cooking, bacon bandages, bacon soap, and even bacon soda. 

The Philadelphia Phillies AAA-affiliate Lehigh Valley IronPigs invited people to "#SmellTheChange" with their new bacon themed uniforms. Their Saturday uniform features a bacon pinstripe, and their baseball caps have a bacon strip on the front. Even their uniform shirts have a bacon stripe underlining the word "pigs." 

Honestly, I think the hat needs some special attention here: 

For those wanting a hat, you can go to to order your #SmellTheChange hats. I got my bacon hat on the way!

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