6 in 10 Americans Experience Multitasking Induced Forgetfulness

These days there is so much to remember, whether it’s a password, a person’s name, or just what to bring home for dinner, so it isn’t uncommon to forget things now and again. But according to a new poll, forgetfulness is something most people experience pretty often.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Natrol’s new Cognium® Focus in advance of National I Forgot Day on July 2 the study says.....

  • The average person forgets something about six times a week which translates to about 332 forgetful moments each year.
  • 56% of folks consider themselves forgetful, with 66% saying things have gotten worse over the past decade. 

And while forgetting things may seem innocent, it has caused trouble for people.

  • 24% of people say they’ve had a falling out with a friend or family member because of a forgetful moment.
  • 17% have been dumped for forgetting something.
  • It can be so bad that 43% have actually made up a lie to cover up their forgetful moment.
  • As for why some people think they’ve gotten so forgetful, the most common excuse is their age (45%), followed by
  • Multitasking (38%)
  • Modern technology (33%)
  • 32% of people think forgetting someone’s name is the worst mistake you can make, with 22% saying forgetting a partner’s birthday is the biggest no-no.
  • As for the most common things people are forgetting, they include:
    • A password (51%)
    • Things when I grocery shop (51%)
    • Misplace my keys (49%)
    • What I went into a room for (49%)
    • People’s names after being introduced (47%)
    • A word on the tip of my tongue (46%)
    • What day it is (35%)
    • Misplace cell phone (35%)
    • Forget where the car was parked (33%)

Source: SWNS Digital

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