Red, KAT & Blue with Deputy Zac Buttercase & Judge

I had the honor of meeting Fremont County Deputy Zac Buttercase and his K-9 partner, Judge for our latest Red, KAT and Blue event.

Deputy Buttercase and Judge have been serving together for almost four years around the Sidney, Iowa area.  This dynamic duo has helped to stop: drunk drivers, sex traffickers, dope dealers, speeders and general scumbags.  

Serving the general public is nothing new to Deputy Buttercase, as he was also a member of the Iowa National Guard and was deployed on two different tours (one to Iraq and one to Afghanistan) before he joined the Fremont County K-9 Unit.

Deputy Buttercase...THANK YOU for your past military service and all that you (& Judge) continue do to keep us safe!!

There will be another Red, KAT and Blue event coming soon.  To nominate a first responder - simply click HERE.

Thanks to Hog Wild Pit Bar-B-Q and Gregg Young Chevrolet!

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