US Veteran With PTSD Surprised With Service Dog

A military veteran suffering from PTSD is finally smiling again thanks to his family and a special new addition to his family.

Rudy Pena of Amarillo, Texas, served 10 years as an Army combat medic doing two tours in Iraq before being diagnosed with cancer. Ever since, he's been battling PTSD, including night terrors.

His wife, Samantha, says, "We’ve tried everything possible but as  most veterans know, there is no cure and memories never go away. He has seen his brothers die in his arms and the memories haunt him." 

Rudy's family had tried to get him a service dog, but the price was  always too high -- until they finally hooked up with a breeder who gave  them a good deal on a black lab service pup.

Rudy was brought to tears as  his family surprised him with the puppy named Justice. He says,  "Justice and I immediately bonded. He is my battle buddy for life."

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