Woman Screams At Parked Car Saying It Was Trying To Run Her Over


A guy in Texas was trying to leave a park after accidentally taking the wrong road when he was stopped by this woman. He was in his parked car when she started screaming that he was trying to run her over. When the situation started to escalate quickly, the guy started filming. Here's what he had to say:

The situation was me leaving a lake with my Jetski. Accidentally steered down the wrong exit while leaving, this parks and rec worker happened to be outside. She saw me correct myself and I was about to leave the main exit point. At that point she started telling me she was calling the cops and I wasn’t allowed to leave. I said no ma’am you’re mistaken, you can’t hold me here. She jumped in front of my car then this is when I pulled out my phone... shortly after the video ended she stepped out of the way to talk to the park rangers and I voiced that I was leaving being that this was unlawful from the beginning and I didn’t do anything illegal. About a mile down the road I see 15 officers with sirens and lights speed pass me (they legitimately thought someone was being run over) quickly a few officers turned around, pulled me over and talk to me about what happened. Thankfully they were very calm and shortly after showing the video I was let go....

The woman has since lost her job. Check out the video below and click here to read more. 


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