Disturbing Video Reveals Toddler Fight Club

This is pretty unbelievable, and incredibly disturbing to watch.

When you drop your child off at day care in the morning, your hope is that they're being looked after by loving, caring individuals. You hope they're being treated with love and respect while you're away from them. You hope they're making friends with the other children.

Parents of the children at this Missouri day care were shocked and appalled to learn that just the opposite was happening to their children every day...

In this disturbing video, you can see a child being pummeled by his classmate at a St. Louis day care called Adventure Learning Center. In the video, one toddler can be seen punching another as their teachers watch. One teacher can even be seen jumping with enthusiasm, and egging the kids on. 

The video was taken in Deceber of 2016 but only recently released. Nicole Merseal said her then-4-year-old son was encouraged to take part in what's being dubbed a "fight club" in court documents. The mom is suing the center.

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