Firefighters Stick Around To Clean Up After Mom Goes To Hospital

While she was washing dishes recently, a wine glass broke and sliced an artery in Rachel Schoonover’s wrist. The sixth grade teacher and mom realized she needed help because she was bleeding so much, so she called 911 and wrapped it in a towel, then called her mom for help, too.

Responders from the West Elmira Fire Department were first to arrive and they tied a tourniquet around Rachel’s arm to slow the bleeding down. While they waited for the ambulance, the firefighters even helped her son, Declan, into his jammies as they tried to keep mom and son calm. And when the ambulance arrived, Rachel’s mom and husband hadn’t gotten there yet, so some of them volunteered to stay there and hold down the fort.

After some stitches and a tetanus shot, Rachel was released from the hospital later that night and she was dreading dealing with the bloody mess she left behind after her kitchen accident. But when she got home, she was surprised to find no mess, just a note from the firefighters. She says they wiped down her fridge, coffee maker, speakers, cabinets, bathtub, floors, and even the individual K-cups that had been sprayed with blood from her cut. They also threw away the glass and cleaned up the blood in her sink.

“Hope you feel better and have a happy holiday with your boy,” their note reads. “We cleaned up some shortly after you left. Hope you don’t mind. Have a glass of wine for us and feel better.”

Source: Good News Network

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