Here's The List Of What To Buy & What To Stay Away From On Black Friday

Going out shopping this Black Friday? Experts are saying these are the things that you should buy, but also sharing the things that you should avoid.

According toHuffpost:

The Best Black Friday Deals
Smart home accessories: “As Google and Amazon battle it out over whose smart home device ecosystem you’ll (literally) live in, the discounts on their devices should be considerable,” Conte said. Amazon products, especially, should be available at a steep discount ― good news if you missed out on Prime Day.
Audio: This is a particularly tough category to shop on Black Friday, according to Conte. “It’s easy to get lost in the numbers and letters of audio gear like headphone models and accidentally buy something you don’t want or can’t use,” she said. For example, the Sony SRS-XB22, SRS-XB32 and SRS-XB42 share nearly the same model numbers and many of the same features, but theSRS-XB32is the only one that Conte’s team believes is worth buying.
Other electronics: Skirboll said that electronics in general will sell out the fastest on Black Friday weekend. “If you see a good deal on TVs, computers or phones, pick them up immediately,” she said, noting that electronics will be heavily discounted, up to 40%.
Appliances: Appliances are also one of the best things to buy on Black Friday. “This is because retailers make more mass orders than they usually stock, and prices drop 40% to 50% lower than normal retail,” Skirboll said. Look for deals on items such as coffee makers, electric skillets, slow cookers, toasters, deep fryers, blenders and rice makers.
Winter apparel: This is something that gets discounted around this time of year, according to Skirboll, who says you can expect to find discounts upwards of 40% off.
Sneakers: “Blame it on slow sales in September and October,” said Skirboll, “but sneakers tend to take a price dive in November, making them one of the best things to buy during Black Friday.” You can expect to find 20% to 30% off prices.
Designer handbags: Skirboll said that in the past, the most common reduction bracket for Black Friday in this category was 30% to 40% off. “Shoppers scored an average of 34% off top brands like Stella McCartney.”
The Worst Black Friday Deals
Since there’s a good chance that despite your best judgment, you’ll open your wallet on Nov. 29 (I will),make sure you aren’t totally duped by the marketing magic. Hereare a handful of items that you should steer clear of on Black Friday.
Furniture: “You may find ads for doorbuster deals on furniture from your local department stores or retailers, but don’t give in to the hype,” Skirboll said. Black Friday isn’t the time to buy these items. “Indoor furniture prices are lowest in January and July through August, while the best discounts on patio furniture happen between August and September.”
Gaming consoles: Although you might find some savings on the latest gaming consoles during Black Friday, you should hold off. “These sales are usually just bait and you’ll actually find the best deals the week before Christmas as a last-minute push,” Skirboll said. And don’t worry about them selling out ― there’s plenty of inventory on these items this year.
Spring airfare: Contrary to popular belief, buying airline tickets far in advance does not always get you the best price, Skirboll said. She suggested waiting until after January to purchase airline tickets for travel in April and beyond. “The optimum window to lock in airfare for this time of year is about six to eight weeks out.”
Gift cards: They might make good stocking stuffers, but avoid purchasing gift cards on Black Friday. “Gift cards are usually cheaper in December, leading up to Christmas,” Skirboll said. For example, iTunes has in the past offered $100 gift cards for $70 to $80 in December.
Toys: According to Skirboll, buying toys is a catch-22. “You want to make sure that you have the toy that you need and it doesn’t sell out, but if you’re really looking for the best deal on toys, those deals are going to come later in December, about two weeks before Christmas.”

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