Ways To Treat Yourself Without Spending a Lot of Money

If you're trying to save money for a down payment, or just trying to become debt free, it may feel like you basically have to cut yourself off from all the little treats in life because you don't want to spend any extra cash. Luckily Lifehacker put together this list of ideas from Reddit users on how to reward yourself if you've stuck to your savings plan -- maybe that'll keep you motivated to keep saving!

  • A cheap field trip. “Go somewhere you’ve never been like a park or significant city spot." 
  • An easy meal. Keep a fancy pizza or some other goodie in your freezer and then indulge in it after you've accomplished your savings goal for the week. 
  • Splurge on a latte. And sit and sip it in a coffees shop, reading a good book. 
  • Absolutely nothing. “I give myself a day of nothing,” one Redditer said. “I can sit at home in my pajamas all day and watch movies or read books (all from my local library), and I refuse to let myself feel bad for not cleaning or not doing laundry or not cooking myself a real meal instead of grazing.”
  • A modest upgrade. Already planning to cook burgers for dinner? Buy a steak instead.
  • A deep soak.Pamper yourself with a luxurious bubble bath. 
  • A favorite album. Sit and listen to a favorite album all the way through while sipping on a nice glass of wine. 

How to Reward Yourself Without Spending More Money, According to Reddit

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