Granny Walking By Catches Baby Falling 15-Feet From Window

A grandma in Russia made a very nice catch when she was on the way back from the grocery store. Svetlana Sanarova was walking home when she spotted a toddler clinging to a second-floor window. The 64-year-old dropped her bags and ran to the window and held out her arms.

She made it just in time to catch the tot from his 15-foot fall. It turns out, 18-month-old Egor managed to escape while his dad thought his mom was watching him, but she had gone to get a bottle for Egor’s twin sister. His father, Dmitry, ran down to get his son after Sanarova saved his life.

He tried to give her a cash reward of 1,000 rubles, which is about $13.56, and she tried to refuse, but Dmitry put the money in her purse anyway. “I didn’t think about any risk. I was only afraid that he would die,” Sanarova explained to Russian news agency Ruptly. “I thought if I didn’t catch him, he would crash before my eyes.”

Source: New York Post

Photo: Getty Images

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