A Hero's Welcome Home for Cpl. Daegan W. Page

On August 26, 2021 Marine Corporal Daegan William-Tyeler Page paid the ultimate sacrifice and tragically lost his life in a suicide bombing attack on the Kabul Airbase in Afghanistan.

You and your family are invited to say goodbye to this hometown hero - Cpl Daegan W. Page on Friday, September 10, 2021 starting at 1:30pm. PLEASE NOTE THE TIME IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE BASED ON THE AIRLINE ARRIVAL.

Show your support by lining Abbott Drive - near Eppley Airfield with US flags, signs and flowers for this farewell salute.

Please keep Daegan and his friends/family in your prayers.

UPDATE 09/08/2021

from the Omaha Police Department

The Omaha Police Department is assisting in escorting the remains of Cpl. Daegan Page from Eppley Airfield to Braman Mortuary on Friday, September 10, 2021. Cpl. Page is scheduled to arrive at Eppley Airfield at 1:30 p.m., with the escort to follow.

Citizens are encouraged to show their support along the route of the motorcade, but are reminded to allow room for the vehicles, and be mindful of the following:

• Park in compliance with parking regulations

• Ask permission before parking in private business parking lots

• Do not block private driveways

• Be patient if in traffic, and expect delays along the route

• Do not illegally park along the route, block intersections or impede the motorcade. Citizens are encouraged to utilize interstate overpasses for viewing, rather than stopping alongside the interstate.

MECA parking lots B, C and D at the CHI Health Center will be open for persons planning to come downtown to pay their respects.

Since the route does not pass the Eppley Airfield terminal, the public is advised to not park at the airport or the terminal.

The route will start at Abbott Drive and Locust. The remainder of the route is as follows; Abbott Drive to 10th Street, 10th Street to Cass Street, Cass Street to Interstate-480, I-480 to Interstate-80, I-80 to L Street, L Street to 132nd Street, 132nd Street to Millard Avenue, Millard Avenue to 144th Street, 144th Street to Braman Mortuary, 6505 South 144th Street.

Date: FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 10th at 1:30PM

The time is subject to change pending airline arrival, but this is when it is currently scheduled!

Keep an eye on this page for the most up to date information.


We wanted to let everyone know that the flight bringing Daegan home is expected to land around 1:30 pm on Friday, September 10 at Eppley Airfield in Omaha.

For those who are planning to come out and line the streets to welcome him home, thank you! Please know we are working with the Omaha Police Department to coordinate the route from Eppley to the Braman Mortuary at 6505 South 144th St. Stay tuned to the Cpl. Daegan Page – Never Forgotten Facebook page for more details. We hope to be able to post a map of the route soon.

We know many people would like the opportunity to come pay their respects to Daegan. We are working on coordinating a public visitation before the funeral on Friday, Sept. 17. We will announce the time/date/location as soon as we have that arranged.

Homecoming: ~1:30 pm, Friday, Sept. 10 at Eppley Airfield

Route from Eppley to Braman Mortuary

There are two areas where are you can be to show your support.

-Airport Abbott drive and locust route to Old

Mattress Factory.

-Millard: starting from 132nd and L to Braman.

-Leaving Eppley airfield from the TAC Air area, starting point is at Locust and Abbott.

Locust behind to TAC Air will be blocked off. No one will be allowed to be on Locust Street

-Procession will head south to 10th St taking a left (South) going by CHI Center

-In front of CHI you will take a right (west) past Old mattress factory where the procession will get on the interstate.

-Interstate to L street heading west

-L Street to 132nd and go left (South) to go past St Paul’s Lutheran Church

-Continue on 132nd west until it turns into 144th.

-144th and Harrison end at Braman to conclude the procession

Anyone that wants to go down and set up vehicles or flags we advise you to show up early and to claim a spot. There are two different sections Eppley airfield and Millard to show your support. I would advise everyone that wants to have a vehicle out there to get there around nine or 10 o’clock to avoid traffic or any other obstacles. We will rely on public to find a spot that suits their equipment or vehicles.

We already have one set of vehicles that will be at the very entrance of Locust and Abbott Drive. Everyone else is free to set up your support and honoring this hero. Thank you very much to everyone that’s coming to support this and the family absolutely appreciate the generosity and kindness of a community coming together to show your support.

This event is scheduled to start at 130 but please understand there is a lot of flexibility with this time-frame.

We will have some wristbands and small flags to go out to the public but I would advise you to be early to pick them up and numbers are limited.

Parking at CHI and River City will be free!

Public Visitation: Time/Date/Location TBD

Funeral: 10 am, Friday, Sept. 17, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, 13271 Millard Ave., Omaha

Burial: Following the funeral, Friday, Sept. 17, Omaha National Cemetery, 14250 Schram Rd., Omaha

US flag with rifle and tomb crosses

Photo: iStockphoto

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