Mom’s Clever Rice Trick Makes Teen Clean Her Room and it's SOOO good!

Tired of your teen’s bedroom looking like a war zone? A TikTok mom has the fix! Tiffani Hamer was fed up with asking her teenage daughter to clean her messy room, so she took matters into her own hands. But she didn’t bust out the broom and start clearing the clutter herself, she used a sneakier tactic and it got the job done.

Hamer shared a clip of the pigsty, showing that there were clothes and hangers scattered on the bed and floor and every surface in the room was dirty. And then she shows a bag of black rice that she bought to scatter around the room, so it looked like little bits of rodent poop. She left the grains in the closet, on the bedside table, the floor and even under her duvet.

So did it trick the teen into tidying? In a follow-up video, the mom confirms that the black rice hack was a success and proudly shows off the now-clean bedroom. And even better? She says her 16-year-old even cleaned out her closet and got rid of some stuff. People were also desperate to know if she confessed her trick to her daughter and she reveals, “I told her after she cleaned most of the room.”

Source: Newsweek

Photo: Getty Images

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