Extreme Couponer’s Hacks To Save At Supermarket

Everyone wants to know how to save money and spend less at the grocery store and no one knows how to do it better than experts at the practice of extreme couponing. These folks have mastered the skill of using those clipped pieces of paper to score discounts in the checkout line and Joanie Demer is one of the best. She’s the co-founder of The Krazy Coupon Lady, a website that shares pointers and tips about specific deals.

With prices increasing as a result of pandemic-related issues, people are even more interested in maximizing their savings these days. And Demer is revealing her strategies to lower your grocery bill:

  • “The key to saving money on groceries is to follow the sales,” the coupon expert explains.
  • She also advises getting out of the habit of buying the same products at the same stores every time and instead shopping where they accept coupons.
  • Don’t expect to save big bucks on everything you buy. According to Demer, it’s better to focus on how much you’re saving per month with coupons, rather than what you’re saving per item.
  • Learn how to stack coupons. This involves combining store and manufacturer coupons with rebate offers to boost savings.
  • Check the Sunday newspaper for coupon inserts.
  • Stockpile, but do it properly. Pay attention to when non-perishable items are on sale and buy a supply to last until the next sale. But don’t stockpile items your family won’t end up using or you’re just wasting money.
  • And use apps that provide rebates and other cash-back offers on certain items.

Source: Fox News

Photo: Getty Images

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