Ways to create amazing childhood memories for your kids

Looking for ways to create amazing childhood memories for your kids? Reddit has you covered. Someone posed the question, “What’s a great experience your parents gave you that I should give my kids?” in the “No Stupid Questions” section and users happily chimed in. There were more than a thousand simple, heartwarming responses, including these:

  • Focusing on small moments of fun - One user writes, “It’s the repeated little things that build big memories.” Redditors list family movie nights, “beach days” in the backyard kiddie pool and playing board games as a family.
  • “Camping” in your house or yard - Several people have fond memories of setting up a tent in the living room or backyard for a “camp out” at home and for some, telling ghost stories by flashlight was the icing on the cake.
  • Greeting kids with a smile after work - Lots of users recall running to see their parents come home from a long day at work and having mom or dad hug them and pick them up as a highlight of their day.
  • Creating a treasure hunt - Some parents made treasure hunts with hints, clues and prizes.
  • Homemade concerts - Kids who formed family bands with their siblings and parents or just gave performances say those are some of their fondest memories.
  • Going to the theater - A Redditor recalls their parents took them to live stage shows from an early age, explaining they weren’t “expensive Broadway” shows, but local community theater and that it was “awesome to hear real people sing and see people dance.” Another user writes that even local high school musicals “were grand productions” to a little kid.
  • Trips to the library - This simple pleasure was a memory-maker for lots of people. Everything is free at the library, so parents don’t have to say “No, we can’t get that today.” A user who says their mom made lots of mistakes as a parent also took them to the library often and “it made everything else a bit better.”
  • Let them eat cake late at night - It’s such a small thing, but one user says one of her favorite memories is waking up late at night to find her mom and dad in the kitchen eating cake. Instead of sending her back to bed, they cut her a slice and let her eat it with them. “It was so magical,” she writes. “Doing little things like that can make such a lasting impression and create these perfect moments that they will look back on decades later with so much love.”

Source: Reddit

Photo: Getty Images

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