A Naked Guy Was Found Upside Down Behind the Wheel of a Stolen Boat

Wheel of small boat with captain's hat

Photo: Getty Images

If you're gonna do something dumb, at least make it memorable. This guy got the memo . . .

Police in Hot Springs, Arkansas got a report about a NAKED man who stole a pontoon boat and took it out on a lake. (Hot Springs is about 50 miles southwest of Little Rock.)

And when they found him, he was naked . . . sitting UPSIDE DOWN between the steering console and the captain's seat. (???)

His name is Preston Leonard, and he's 25. Once they got him in custody, they tracked down the owner of the boat and let them know about it. The owner said the boat itself was worth around $25,000.

Preston ripped out several of the seats and caused other damage to the tune of about four grand.

He's facing charges for first-degree criminal mischief, and theft of property worth over $25,000. He could be facing serious jail time too because this wasn't his first rodeo.

Almost exactly one year ago, he was sentenced to five years in prison on similar charges. That crime also involved the theft of property worth over 25 grand.

It's not clear if it involved a boat or not, but he got out of jail early. So he was on parole when all this happened.

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