When it comes to working out, it's about the 'little wins!'

Find yourself slacking on your health and fitness goals now that we’re a month into the new year? Lots of us find our motivation fading now, especially since it’s probably still too soon to see huge changes in your body from all your hard work. That’s why personal trainer and weight loss coach for women Stephanie Mansour recommends celebrating the “little wins.”

She points out that the small things we do every day can add up to big changes over time and noticing and celebrating those small healthy choices can push you to keep going. Even on days when you skip a workout or don’t stick to your healthy diet, these are some “little wins” to be proud of:

  • Pulling yourself away from the TV - It’s so easy to get glued to the couch when a new season of your show comes out, especially on cold, winter days. So on the days that you do manage to get moving, even if you just stop binge-watching long enough to do a five-minute workout between episodes, give yourself a pat on the back.
  • Developing a morning routine - It can be as simple as starting the day with a big glass of water or some stretching, but you’re setting yourself up for a successful day and that’s definitely a win.
  • Feeling more energized in the morning - When you eat a healthy diet and you’re physically active, you tend to sleep better and wake up feeling more refreshed. If you notice more pep in your morning steps, it’s a sign you’re making progress.
  • Craving unhealthy food less - If your cravings for sweets, salty snacks and fast food are decreasing, that’s a sign your healthy eating plan is paying off. When your health and fitness routine is working, you may naturally start to crave junk food less and that shows you’re succeeding.
  • Everyday chores feel easier - Is lugging the laundry basket up the stairs less of a challenge these days? Give yourself a pat on the back for your endurance and strength improving.
  • Refilling your water bottle a few times a day - Most of us don’t drink enough water and dehydration causes headaches, mood swings and affects our ability to think clearly. But if you find that drinking more water is becoming second nature, celebrate with a little victory dance.

Source: Today

Photo: Getty Images

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