Ways to make self-affirmations a little less awkward and cringey!

Do self-affirmations make you cringe a little? Positive self-talk, like telling yourself that you’re doing a good job or that you’re strong, can improve your mental and physical health. The practice may reduce symptoms of stress, pain and more, according to the Mayo Clinic. But it can also feel a little awkward saying these things to yourself out loud.

Experts suggest these ways to make it feel a little less cheesy:

  • Ditch the products - A quick trip down the aisles of a home goods store and you’ll find pillows, frames and mugs decorated with positive encouraging phrases, like “be you” or “believe in yourself.” But psychologist Reena Patel points out that you can’t just buy affirmations from Target and “think everything is going to be hunky-dory.” Instead you’ll need to find affirmations that work specifically for you.
  • Use your negative thoughts - Make a list of the things you don’t think you’re good at and turn them into positive statements. So if you feel like you’re not going to find a new job that you love, reserve your judgment and tell yourself, “I am capable of finding a job that I love.”
  • Say them out loud - Feel awkward saying these things out loud to yourself? You’re not alone, but Patel says it’s essential. She explains that we can think things in our heads, but hearing it out loud is why self-talk is so effective at helping us overcome mental challenges. So find a private place where you feel comfortable, even if that’s in the bathroom.
  • Write them down - If it still feels too cheesy to you, counselor Alison Pollack suggests jotting self-affirmations down can be just as powerful as saying them out loud. Put them on sticky notes and stick them in places like your car, bathroom mirror, fridge door and work computer to help when you’re stressed.
  • Pick phrases that are actually meaningful for you - If saying “I am beautiful” to yourself makes you feel awkward, don’t use it. Pollack suggests a simple “I have choices” or “I am capable”
  • When in doubt, go with an old reliable affirmation - A tried and true option that’s especially appropriate during the pandemic: “This too shall pass.”

Source: Huff Post

Photo: Getty Images

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