Man Calculated Norm's Bar Tab from The TV Show "Cheers"


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The character, "Norm" from the tv show, "Cheers drank a LOT of beer. But there was a running gag that he never paid and probably ran up a serious tab. A guy decided to sit down and calculate how much Norm owed. He went through all 275 episodes of the show . . . and he also dug through message boards and consulted experts . . . including one of the show's writers, and even Norm himself, GEORGE WENDT.

Now, there are several references throughout the series to Norm's tab going up and down . . . and at times being wiped clean. But near the end of the series, it's stated that Norm has NEVER paid for a beer.

So that was the assumption going in. The writer also used George's actual birthday to calculate that Norm became legal in 1966, and used several clues from the series to assume that Norm was a patron of Cheers since then.

He also estimated Norm drank 10 beers a day. And he used both the average price of beer over the years AND several clues from the show about how much a beer cost at Cheers at various times. And he came up with a final tab of:

$124,406.90. Which at once feels like both a TON and a lot less than I would have guessed. 

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