Guy's Allergies Turned Out To Be Extra Tooth Growing In His Nose

Man Sneezing By Tree

Photo: EyeEm

A 38-year-old guy in New York told his doctor he'd been having a hard time breathing for several YEARS and didn't know why.  So they shoved a tiny camera up his right nostril . . . and discovered a TOOTH growing inside his nose.  (???) It was an incisor, which is the teeth in the front of your mouth. And they could clearly see it poking out into his nasal cavity. Extra teeth aren't unheard of, but usually, show up near the roof of your mouth, not way up inside your nose. Luckily, he's okay. They did surgery to remove the tooth, and he's breathing easier now. 

(Here's a fairly gross photo of it, and here's an X-ray.)

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