Woman Turns 108, Credits Red Wine As Secret To Long Life

Until someone discovers a real Fountain of Youth, many of us would do just about anything to increase our longevity. But thanks to a woman in the U.K. who just celebrated her 108th birthday, we might know the trick. Julia Iverson is sharing what has helped her live so long and lucky for us, it’s something a lot of us already do.

The secret to this Brit’s long life? Red wine. Julia enjoys at least one glass of it every day and her favorite varieties are reportedly Merlot and Rioja. And while some folks wait until five o’clock to start imbibing, apparently, it’s never too early to start drinking for this birthday gal. Debbie Davison, manager of Brampton Lodge Care Home, where Julia lives, says the 108-year-old sometimes has her glass of wine at 7:30 in the morning. And some of her carers joke that the great-grandmother can tell if they try to water it down.

Julia has lived through a lot in her lifetime, surviving both World Wars, the Spanish Flu of 1918 and even testing positive for COVID twice. So she’s clearly doing something right! In addition to her wine, she also loves the birthday cards she gets from the Queen, cups of tea and pots of custard her daughter, Rosalind Barclay, brings her. “It doesn't seem like she is actually 108,” Barclay says. “She is so fit and strong, you forget she is that age. She has a lovely head of hair and lovely skin. She is also very strong — she can push herself around in her armchair.”

Source: BBC

Photo: Getty Images

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