Women Share Popular Things That Aren’t Worth The Hype

Ever been totally excited about something you just knew was going to be fantastic, only to be let down? That feeling of disappointment has happened to the best of us, according to a recent Reddit thread.

Someone posed the question, “Ladies, what’s something that wasn’t worth the hype?” And the answers reveal all the ways we’ve been underwhelmed.

  • “Being a bridesmaid or otherwise standing up in a wedding. It seems so exciting and you feel so honored. In reality, it’s expensive and exhausting.”
  • “French kissing. Ended up feeling very grossed out by it and it activates my gag reflex.”
  • “At the risk of sounding boring (which I am), air frying. It’s just a fan oven as far as I can tell. Not my best purchase.”
  • “Shaving. When I was a kid I thought it would make me feel so confident and good about myself but it just turned into a hassle of constantly feeling bumpy and prickly and wasting hours in the shower.”
  • “Alcohol. Makes you feel like crap after. All for a couple hours of fun.”
  • “Dyeing or bleaching hair. Looks great, but so expensive to maintain … Same with fake nails.”
  • “Disney World. I went expecting to be in awe the whole time and all I did was spend entirely too much money on subpar food.”
  • “Having a big wedding. Cost over $25,000 for one day then my husband left me after a year.”
  • “Buying my first home. I thought I would feel amazing and have a sense of accomplishment. All I got was sad about having to hand over most of my life savings for the down payment.”

Source: Reddit

Photo: Getty Images

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