Thief Missed the Door and Ran Into a Large Glass Window

Burglar breaking into a house via a window with a crowbar

Photo: Getty Images

Running into a glass door is embarrassing . . . and it could be dangerous, especially if you're a bird.  (???) But this is the first time I've heard of someone going to JAIL for it. There's a surveillance video online of a thief stealing handbags worth at least $18,000 from a Louis Vuitton store in Washington state . . . in broad daylight. The thief runs inside . . . grabs the bags and runs away . . . but he misjudges where the exit is and runs into a large, floor-to-ceiling plate glass window. He slammed into it so hard he knocked himself out cold. The thief turned out to be a 17-year-old boy, who police say is a member of a "retail crime theft ring" with a LONG track record of heists.

It's unclear what charges he's facing . . . but two OTHER members of the group have been convicted of felonies in previous incidents. It's also unclear what his condition is . . . but it doesn't sound like he was seriously hurt.

Watch what happened below:


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