This trick-or-treater was caught filling empty candy bowl

This year Hayden Chapple knew exactly what he wanted to be for Halloween: Eleven from “Stranger Things,” the hit Netflix show. So he was excited to go trick-or-treating in his Idaho Falls, Idaho neighborhood, even though he had been sick earlier in the day.

When he got to a neighbor’s house with a sign telling him to “Take a treat or two and do a trick. And smile, you’re on camera,” he followed directions. Hayden did a trick - a spinning jump off the porch - but the doorbell camera also captured the 11-year-old boy dipping into his own candy stash to replace the empty bowl of treats at the house.

Hayden didn’t want the little kids coming up after him to miss the chance to collect their treats, so he was willing to give up his own candy to make sure they got some. Homeowner Jesse Robertson shared the video of the good deed on Facebook because he says “that’s just not something you see happen often with kids that age.”

Source: Inside Edition

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