Family Has First Boy After Five Generations of Girls

  • Arnie Ellis became the first baby boy born to a family of girls.
  • He had serious health issues after he was prematurely born.
  • The family stopped placing bets on whether the next baby to be born in the family will be a boy or girl.

After five generations of girls in the Berriman family, a baby boy has finally joined the clan. Having a girl in the family was so common, the grandparents often placed bets on the gender of the next child born to the family. That all changed when Demi Berriman brought Arnie Ellis, the first boy in ten women into the world last June, but he wasn’t coming into the world without a fight.

Arnie was born prematurely with severe health issues including sepsis and gastroschisis (meaning his intestines were born outside his body). The little guy weighed under three-pounds and spent two months in the hospital before he was able to come home. But his fight for health has continued - until recently.

While he still needs checkups every six months, Arnie is finally - officially - on the road to recovery. "He is our little trooper," says mom Demi. "At one point we were told he only had 24 hours to live but look at him now. He is fantastic...he is demanding and cheeky."

As for having another boy in the family, the Berrimans stopped placing bets.

Source: New York Post

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