Find Out The Most Popular Day To Propose

Next week kicks off the start of the holiday season - proposal season, that is. This time of year, from around Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day, lots of lovebirds get engaged. And according to WeddingWire’s 2020 Newlywed Report, the most popular month for proposals is December - by a landslide.

It turns out, close to one-fifth (19%) of the year’s engagements happen in December. WeddingWire’s research identifies the most popular dates for proposals and seven out of 10 are in December. To compare, the month that comes in second is July, which only counts for 9% of yearly engagements. And since 90% of newly engaged couples share their news on social media, expect to see lots of “I said yes!” posts and ring selfies filling your feed soon.

And the most popular day to get engaged? WeddingWire’s data reveals that it’s Christmas Day (December 25th). Christmas Eve is projected to be the second biggest day for proposals, followed by New Year’s Day.Some other fun engagement facts from the report include:

  • 65% of those proposing still ask their partner’s parents for permission
  • 89% popped the question with the engagement ring in their hand
  • 84% got down on knee to propose
  • And 71% of newly engaged couples dated for more than two years before the proposal