7-Eleven Introducing PEEP Flavored Latte

Wow. Will you try this?! PEEPS and Pepsi have teamed up for a new PEPSI x PEEPS Marshmallow cola, but it turns out that’s not the only Peeps-flavored beverage that will be available this season.

Convenience chain 7-Eleven has teamed with PEEPS to offer customers Peeps-flavored lattes. They will, of course, be marshmallow flavored, and are described as a "rich, sweet coffee treat."

Folks who are interested may want to quickly head to their local 7-Eleven, because the drink will only be available for a limited time, while supplies last. 

  • Meanwhile, as for that PEPSI X PEEPS drink, the Internet isn’t really sure what to think about it, with many people not down with the idea at all.
    • "Cant think of a more horrible combination!,” one person tweeted, “Well done you guys — Pineapple on Pizza take a back seat – we have a winner – channeling my inner 3 year old – ewww! #avtweeps Is this an April fools thing?”
    • Another person who wasn’t for the drink shared, “I don’t like Pepsi and I don’t like Peeps. Hard pass,” while even Dan Rather commented, "Some things are so wrong."
    • Although it does seem to have at least one taker, with another person sharing, “You bet your buttons I’ll be trying the Peeps Pepsi.”
  • Some are simply surprised by the misstep of the drink’s name.
    • As one person pointed out, “A seasonal marshmallow treat and the second best soda brand combine and they don’t call the flavor Peepsi? Y’all messed up.”
  • Source:Fox News