What you need to know before taking Hot Yoga!

So you think you’re ready to try hot yoga? If you’ve never taken one of these intense classes before, there are a few things you should know first. Yoga can be challenging, but these classes kick it up a notch by heating the room. In OG hot yoga, also called Bikram, the temp is a toasty 105-degrees, so you’ll be all warm and ready to stretch. Here are some other things to keep in mind before your first sweat sesh.

  • Hydrate and eat before class, but not too much - You’re going to want to drink plenty of water ahead of this class that’ll make you sweat buckets and you don’t want to be starving at the beginning of class, but make sure to snack light, not down a Chipotle burrito.
  • As great as leggings are, they're now your enemy - They’re just too hot for a hot yoga sesh, so remember less is more and wear something comfy, like short shorts and a tank or sports bra. Some people wear literal bikinis to hot yoga, so dress accordingly.
  • Bring a big water bottle with you - And take small sips of water between each pose to avoid the dizziness and discomfort that are signs of dehydration.
  • Don't forget a change of clothes - Unless you want to drive home drenched in sweat and sticking to your car seat.
  • Drop your expectations - Try not to worry that you’ll pass out or overheat because it just doesn’t usually happen. Keep an open mind and try to stay in the moment.
  • Try your best to stay in the room - Some hot yoga classes are an hour and a half, which is a long workout, especially one that’s in a room heated to over 100-degrees. If you feel like you need a moment during class, try corpse pose or child’s pose that help restore and stay in the room for the entire class if you can, so you get all the detoxifying benefits of the practice.
  • Stay with your breath, and move slowly after class - Your breath is always important during yoga, especially in the extreme conditions of a hot yoga class. And when it’s over, take it easy.    Source: Elite Daily
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