Reasons why growing up in the 80's is the worst

BuzzFeed has put together a list of reasons that growing up in the '80s sucked. Here are 10 of them (check out the full list at the link):

  1. If you wanted to "download" a song, you had to wait for it to be played on the radio and then quickly hit record on your boom box. 
  2. You could also listen to music on tapes, but they weren't 100 percent reliable and often got ruined. 
  3. Whenever you talked to your friends on the phone, your mom or dad would yell, "Get off the phone! I'm expecting a call!" because you didn't have call waiting.
  4. Getting anywhere new was a total hassle in those pre-Mapquest/GPS days, so your parents were always getting lost and poring over actual maps. 
  5. You were (cough, hack, wheeze) subjected to a disturbing amount of secondhand smoke--at home, at restaurants, in cars, you name it.
  6. Before Blockbuster came along and had 40 versions of the latest hits on hand, you had to go to the small local video rental stores where they only had one or two copies of the latest movies (if you were lucky) and they were ALWAYS checked out.
  7. If you wanted a toy, you couldn't just pester your mom until she ordered it on Amazon. You had to do 50 chores and act like a choir angel to convince her to get off the couch and drive you to the toy store.
  8. If your family had a computer--a big "if"--it wasn't exactly awe inspiring.
  9. Running errands with your parents--or going to your sibling's events--was boring because you had no cell phone or Game Boy to pass the time with.
  10. And if your mom or dad was late picking you up, there were very few ways to contact them, so you just waited, and waited, and waited...

21 Reasons Why Growing Up In The '80s Was The Worst

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