Women can avoid wrinkles easier than men! How?

It turns out what you put in your mouth literally shows up on your face-- at least if you're a woman. Researchers from Erasmus Medical Centre in The Netherlands asked 2,700 adults over age 50 about their eating habits. Then each participant had their face scanned to determine the number of wrinkles they had. The results showed women who ate the most fresh fruits, vegetables, and fish had the fewest lines on their faces. On the flip side, women who regularly ate large amounts of red meat, bread, and sweets had the most wrinkles. Also, female healthy-eaters who had a drink or two each day had more wrinkles. Eating habits appeared to have no major bearing on the number of wrinkles on men's faces. Researchers think a healthy diet helps keep woman looking younger because it ensures the body has plenty of vitamins and flavonoids, which are health-boosting compounds that protect the skin against aging and stimulate the growth of collagen. 

Daily Mail

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