How to reignite the spark in your romantic relationship!

Are you looking to reignite the spark in your romantic relationship. If so, Bustle has compiled list of nine effective ways to do just that. Here they are:

  1. Keep finding ways to catch your partner’s eye. Making eye contact produces neural synchrony, which enables synchronized releases of oxytocin. 
  2. Share good news. When you're with someone who supports you and shares in your happiness, of course you're going to feel connected.
  3. Stay curious about them. Give your partner the time to be heard, to vent, and to express themselves. 
  4. Sleep naked. It's all about finding ways to build up the sexual tension between you and your partner. 
  5. Show your appreciation for them. Acknowledge the things they do each day that you’re grateful for. 
  6. One-up them in a playful way. If you and your partner have a mutual liking for something, surprise them with a little display of your knowledge. 
  7. Use the power of scent. According to studies, women are comforted by the smell of their partner's sweat on a biological level; certain smells can also trigger vivid memories and emotions.
  8. Be spontaneous. The brain accepts all incoming stimulation and determines the response, so changing the stimulus helps keep the brain interested. 
  9. Get familiar with their love language. Love languages help you discover your partner’s top two ways they need to be loved so you can carry out little tasks and activities that completely fill them up. 

9 Surprising But Effective Ways To Keep The Spark Alive In Your Relationship

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