Top Reasons You’re Struggling To Lose Weight

So you’re eating right and working out regularly, but you’re still not shedding those pounds you hoped to lose. As frustrating as that is, personal trainer Marcus Rice says you’re probably making one of a few common mistakes. He says these are the top reasons people go astray when trying to lose unwanted weight and get more toned and sculpted.

  • Lacking a good plan - Eating right and working out don’t just happen, you have to find a plan that’s healthy and sustainable and stick with it.
  • Too much program hopping - You might not see results right away, but give it a chance for a few weeks.
  • Eating 'clean' but not aware of calories - Eating healthy is great, but overdoing it on the calories can make you gain weight.
  • Too many liquid calories - All those fresh-pressed juices, protein shakes and smoothies add hundreds of calories to your day.
  • Uncontrolled weekend eating and drinking - If you can stay on track all week, but overdo it on the weekend, you’re undoing all that good work you did Monday through Friday.
  • Not trying to develop muscle - Muscle mass speeds up your metabolism and helps you burn more calories.
  • Not managing sleep and stress enough - Eating a healthy diet and working out regularly won’t help if your cortisol levels are high from stress or not getting enough good sleep.
  • Not controlling hunger well - Sweets and processed carbs will leave you feeling hungry soon, but fiber-rich foods and drinking lots of water can help you feel full longer.
  • Not avoiding your trigger foods - If you know you can’t say no to something, don’t make it harder on yourself by bringing it home or going to a restaurant where they serve it.

Source: PopSugar

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