Average Wedding Budget The Equivalent Of Two Years' Rent

We all know weddings can be really, really expensive, but sometimes it’s hard to realize just what that big day is doing to your bank account. Well, a new report has put it into some perspective, and it’s downright shocking.

According to a new report by HotPads, most couples will spend the equivalent of TWO YEARS worth of rent to say “I Do.” In fact, an average wedding, including engagement rings, ceremony, reception and honeymoon, sets couples back $36,000 which is almost $500 more than two years worth of the median rent across the U.S., which is about $1,480 a month. 

  • Of course not everyone’s wedding budget would pay for two years of rent. Folks in San Francisco and San Diego will only spend about a year’s rent on their wedding, not because they have smaller budget though, because rent prices are just that much higher.

Check out the states where a wedding budget would last the longest when it comes to rent:

  • Pittsburgh, PA - $26,000, 24 months rent
  • Hartford, CT - $34,000, 21 months rent
  • Detroit, MI - $26,000, 21 months rent
  • Cleveland, OH - $23,000, 20 months rent
  • Philadelphia, PA - $32,000, 20 months rent
  • Chicago, IL - $34,000, 20 months rent
  • New York, NY - $45,000, 20 months rent
  • Baltimore, MD - $33,000, 19 months rent

Source: HotPods 

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