The traits of a rock solid relationship!

In the aftermath of an argument, it can be hard to remember what makes you and your S.O. so right for each other. Luckily, science has your back and knows the traits of a rock solid relationship. Here are a few signs your love is here to stay.

  • You do little things for each other - It really is the little things that count. Relationship coach Kyle Benton says that small gestures that show you care accumulate over time and “provide a buffer of positivity in your marriage,” which helps when you face conflict.
  • You’re physically affectionate - You don’t have to be getting it on every night to have a wonderful relationship, according to a new study even small acts of physical affection make a big impact - no matter where they lead. Researchers say physical contact shows you’re interested and makes the relationship stronger, even if you don’t have sex.
  • You have similar mannerisms and speech patterns - According to “Psychology Today,” people in thriving relationships take on their partner’s habits and interests, like taking up hiking if their sweetie’s into it, or picking up phrases they say, like awesomesauce. It’s called self-other overlap, and it’s a sign your love is here to stay.
  • You believe in commitment - Another study finds that if you see romantic relationships in general as being fulfilling and happy, instead of feeling iffy about commitment or afraid of being tied down, you’re more likely to be satisfied in your own relationship. So with romance, perception really is reality.
  • Source: PureWow

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