16 Household Items You Never Knew You Can Clean in a Dishwasher

Your dishwasher isn't just for cleaning dishes. BuzzFeed has just come out with a list of 16 household items that can easily be degunked and disinfected with a run through your favorite kitchen appliance. Here are 10 (check the link for more):

  • Baseball caps. Place them on the top rack so they don't lose their shape.
  • Kids' toys. Plastic items like Legos can be washed and dried in the dishwasher.
  • Stovetop grates. Just make sure they're enamel-coated before trying this trick.
  • Fresh produce. Put food like potatoes in the top rack, don't use detergent (obviously) and give them a quick spin through the rinse cycle.
  • Toothbrush holder. That gunk at the bottom of the cup you use to hold your toothbrush? Gone!
  • Rubber boots, canvas sneakers and rubber sandals. Make sure to first remove any laces or liners. Wash on the no-heat setting. Dry them outside the dishwasher with newspaper stuffed inside so they maintain their shape.
  • Switch plates and outlet covers. Unscrew these from the wall and give them the cleaning they deserve.
  • Keys. Hook the key ring on a rack to give them a good disinfecting.
  • Shower head. An easy way to remove soap scum and water stains!

16 Ways To Use Your Dishwasher To Clean Almost Everything You Own

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