Bachelorette Party Horror Stories That Will Make You Cringe

BuzzFeed recently asked its readers to share their bachelorette party horror stories. Here are 10 of the most hilarious and uncomfortable responses (check out the full list at the link):

  1. "After a very wild night, one of my friends hooked up with the stripper and later found out that he gave her an STI." 
  2. "We went to a Mexican restaurant before hitting the bars, and somehow the waiter spilled an entire bowl of hot queso dip on the maid-of-honor's head." 
  3. "For some reason, my maid-of-honor invited her creepy a** dad to my bachelorette party, and he brought a penis ring toss game."
  4. "The bride got so wasted early in the day that she blacked out before we even got to the first stop of the night. We ended up having to take her back to the hotel and putting her to bed before 10 p.m." 
  5. "After all of the bridesmaids had spent all day running around buying booze for the party, the bride showed up and gathered us all around for a big reveal. She had taken a pregnancy test that morning. It was positive." 
  6. "I dared the bride to get a guy to give her a piggyback ride around the bar. But the guy she picked was TINY, and when she tried to jump on his back, they both toppled over backwards! She wound up in the ER with a concussion!"
  7. "The bride had drank too much, and was feeling sick in the Uber we were riding in. The driver threatened to kick us out—in the sketchy part of town, mind you—if she threw up in the car. So I had to empty out my new purse for her to barf in." 
  8. "At my bachelorette party, my friends made me wear a bunny costume for the entire night. But not the sexy kind. An actual bunny costume." 
  9. "One of my sister's bridesmaids got sloppy drunk and went on a total rant. And in our attempt to calm her down, SHE BIT ONE OF THE OTHER BRIDESMAIDS!" 
  10. "I went online and found a really hot twentysomething male stripper for my friend's bachelorette party. But the stripper who showed up was an awkward, middle-aged man dressed as a cop, holding a boombox circa 1998. We couldn't help but laugh, especially when he whipped his hat off, letting down a horrible cascade of scraggly, bleached hair."

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