The 13 Most Incredible Grilling Hacks

Take your grilling to the next level with these life-changing hacks.

Summer is the best season for firing up the grill and whipping up a tasty, fresh meal. There's no wrong way to grill, of course, but there are some under-the-radar tricks out there that will take your meals to the next level. BuzzFeed compiled a list of 13 handy grilling hacks; 10 of these tips are below (check the link for more):
  • If you don't have a brush, just clean your grill with a ball of aluminum foil.
  • Cook fish on top of citrus slices to prevent them from sticking.
  • Place a cast-iron skillet directly on the grill and cook in it.
  • Put ice cubes in your burger patties to prevent them from drying out.
  • Wrap bricks in foil to flatten things like chicken; it'll help things cook evenly.
  • Take beer can chicken to a whole new level by swapping out the beer for canned wine or rosé.
  • Place a salt block directly on your grill and cook on it.
  • Use empty tuna cans to prop up larger cuts of meat to prevent them from burning on the outside.
  • Cook pizza directly on the grill for a crispy crust and smoky flavor.
  • Make a quick DIY smoker packet out of tin foil. Put smoking chips in a pouch made by folding up a piece of aluminum foil. Poke holes in the pouch, and presto! Instant smoky flavor.
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