Marriages with frequent conflict could negatively impact your health


Those fights with your spouse could be literally killing you.

Marriages with frequent conflict could negatively impact your health, according to a new preliminary study out of the the universities of Nevada and Michigan — “as much as smoking and drinking,” researcher Rosie Shrout writes.

Researchers surveyed 373 heterosexual couples over 16 years. They asked participants whether they disagreed on topics like children, money matters and in-laws. Then, over the course of the study, they had participants track several health issues, including sleeping troubles, headaches and feeling anxious or fidgety, as the Guardian first reported. Couples who disagreed more reported more of those health concerns.

Furthermore, the more fights couples had, the more the husbands’ health was negatively affected.

Interestingly, the same wasn’t true for women. But Shrout says that “in general, wives had poorer health going into a marriage than men” — so perhaps men had farther to fall.


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