Your wardrobe could be damaging your health!

Nothing feels quite as good as kicking off your heels and taking off your restrictive shapewear at the end of the day. And if those wardrobe stables are leaving you in pain, that’s a sign they could be damaging your health.

Medical professionals warn these clothing items could be bad for our health:

Heels - We love them because they lengthen our legs, but high heels also put pressure on the spine, back, and knees, can cause tendonitis and joint pain in ankles and knees. Podiatrist Dr. Miguel Cunha says heels can also cause ingrown toenails and hammertoes by pushing toes together in the shoe. Flats and sandals can be good alternatives, but pick a pair with arch support.

Heavy bags - If you’re shoving everything you need for the day, including gym clothes and your computer, in your bag and slinging it over the same shoulder every day, that heavy load can cause back and shoulder pain. Backpacks with two cushioned straps are a better alternative because they evenly distribute weight.

Thongs - They’re great for getting rid of visible panty lines, but Dr. Adeeti Gupta, an OB/GYN, warns thongs can also “spawn uncomfortable bacterial infections.” If you must wear a thong, she advises wearing it as briefly as possible.

Shapewear - We squeeze into these undergarments to flatten the tummy and create an hourglass figure, but shapewear can compress your stomach, intestine and colon and give us stomach pain, gas, bloating and even acid reflux. Like thongs, Dr. Gupta recommends to “take off the stuff as soon as you can” if you feel like you must wear it.

Skinny jeans - Before you slip into a pair of these for casual Friday at the office, know that skinny jeans post another constriction risk. A woman in Australia spent four days in the hospital in 2015 after her skin-tight jeans damaged her nerves and calf muscles so much she showed signs of myonecrosis, or dying muscle tissue. And the British Chiropractic Association has claimed skinny jeans restrict mobility, causing pressure in the joints. So get skinnies with stretchy fabric that have a little wiggle room.

Source: Moneyish

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