6 "Romantic” Gestures That Are Actually Red Flags

According to Cosmopolitan, these six gestures often come off as “romantic” in a new relationship--but can actually be red flags for problems ahead. Here they are:
  1. They profess their love early on. This behavior is common among controlling, abusive or narcissistic partners. 
  2. They overshare on the first date. This suggests they may not be in the right place to start a new relationship.
  3. They chat you ip nonstop. Overdoing it on the meme-sending can be a sign someone is clingy. 
  4. They want to spend all their time with you. Requests for more quality time together can become toxic and unhealthy when you feel pressured. 
  5. They’re super protective of you. Irrational jealousy can be a sign your partner is controlling.
  6. They make grandiose promises. People who dramatically promise they'll never leave or wound you are precisely the ones who do.

"Romantic" Things That Are Red Flags - How to Spot a Toxic Relationship

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