Things you should NEVER text!

The Bottom Line: Sometimes you’ve got to put your big girl pants on and make a call.

The Full Story:

There was a time when people couldn’t wait to talk on the phone. In the not so distant past, some of us headed straight home from school to chat with our besties for hours on end. Now when the phone rings and it’s not mom, we have a moment of panic because nobody likes talking on the phone anymore. In fact, according to a survey of 2,000 people, 61% admit to ducking calls regularly.

Since no one actually wants to talk to anyone else, the phone call avoiders opt for text or email to communicate instead. And that’s great for setting up plans or relaying a quick message, but there are some situations that deserve more than a text or email. According to tech expert Angus Kidman, these are the conversations we shouldn’t text about.

  • Continuing a fight - It’s just way too easy to misinterpret messages, so it’s better to talk on the phone or in person so you can hear the other person’s tone and see their expression.
  • Breaking up with someone - We shouldn’t even have to mention this, but apparently some people out there don’t know it’s bad form to end a relationship over text. But depending on the length of the romance, a phone call could do it.
  • Important work conversations - If it’s an issue with serious consequences, a mistake or crucial decision, pick up the phone, or organize a meeting. It’ll probably save you time and you’ll get to the bottom of things much quicker.
  • Delivering bad news - This one should also go without saying, but any bad news that’s going to worry or upset someone shouldn’t be given in a text. So just suck it up and make the call.Source: MamaMia

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