A new survey reveals happiness doesn't cost a thing!

Want to be happy? Be yourself. According to a new survey of 2,000 Americans, people think the key to being blissful is a mix of being true to yourself and spending time with family. And that old saying that money can’t buy happiness is reflected on this list.

The survey, conducted by OnePoll and commissioned by Circulon, looked at the things that people consider important for a well-rounded personal life and how those contribute to Americans’ happiness. These are the top ways people say they keep their lives well-rounded and their personal secrets to happiness.

Top factors for a well-rounded personal life:

  1. Spending time with family
  2. Watching TV shows/movies
  3. Getting a quality night’s sleep/enough sleep
  4. Taking time for yourself every day
  5. Listening to music and/or podcasts
  6. Spending time with friends
  7. Keeping your house/space clean and organized
  8. Having sex
  9. Spending time outside/in nature
  10. Spending time with a pet

Americans’ secrets to personal happiness:

  1. Be yourself and enjoy time with family
  2. Be willing to be wrong
  3. Be honest with yourself
  4. Being happy with yourself and what you have
  5. Do what you love as often as you can
  6. Don’t stress the small stuff
  7. Exercise and eating right
  8. Finding a balance in life
  9. Finding joy, even in the hard times
  10. Getting enough sleep

Source: New York Post

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