The TOP TRAITS of a modern woman.

Describing a modern woman isn’t an easy task. A woman these days is definitely more than just one thing, and a new survey set out to discover all the traits that make up a woman in modern society. 

The UK poll, which could easily translate here, finds that 58% of women describe the modern-day female as being independent, while 48% use the term resilient, and 44% would say “ambitious.” About two-thirds of women say they are capable of being both “soft” and “strong,” with 65% describing strong as being able to “keep going even during tough times,” and 45% says being soft, means women are “kind and caring.”

So, what specific traits describe a modern woman? Some of them include (click here to see the complete list):

  • Wearing what you want to. Believing women should be paid the same as men in the same roles
  • Believing women have the same rights as men
  • Happy to manage your own money
  • Not feeling like you need to get married / have a long-term relationship
  • Feeling able to live your life as you choose and do whatever you want
  • Giving your sons and daughters the exact same choices and opportunities
  • Happy to express your emotions
  • Not feeling like you need to have children
  • Not feeling like you have to wear make-up, but you love it when you do
  • Being a good friend

Source: SWNS Digital

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